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Wellness Services

More than an emergency button - secure and cost-effective options for independent living with safety and security.

How Do Our Wellness Solutions Compare to Traditional Panic Pendants?

  • Sends alerts even when an alert button can’t be pushed
  • Delivers customized notifications and real-time updates
  • Learns routines and sends alerts of unusual activity

Our Wellness Solutions are more than an emergency button - Alarm.com Wellness is an always on safety net. Our solutions offer a secure and cost effective option for independent living with safety, security, and convenience.

Unusual Activity

Understand your family member’s typical activity pattern and get an alert if something is out of the ordinary.

Up & About

Make sure your loved one is up and active during the hours you would expect.

Nighttime Safety

Receive alerts when doors are opened at unusual hours or the bed is left vacant for a long time at night.

Voice Control

Control lights, thermostats and more with simple voice commands.