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Interactive Package

The essential security package featuring affordable protection with a wireless connection.


Premium Package

Always Be In The Know.

Whether you're at home or on the go, be in control of what's happening at your home at all times. We partner with Alarm.com to provide you with the best in home connection technology and to help you save time. Seamlessly integrate together your security system and other connected devices in Alarm.com’s easy-to-use mobile app.

Customized Solutions For Your Peace Of Mind.

Never pay for something you don't need. While this package comes with the security essentials, we know that not every family is the same nor do they have the same needs as one another. That's why we work with our customers to customize their package as needed to better fit the needs of their family.

What Comes With Your Package?


The main hub to your security system or smart home automation package, your master control panel's purpose is to keep your alarm system activated and online using 4G LTE wireless communication while your LCD keypad helps to provide home status information at a glance in an intuitive, easy-to-use display. Simple to operate and can even include emergency signal buttons, the weather, smart home controls, a backup battery, interior siren, and more.


These sensors help detect when a protected door or window has been opened. Our sensors work in conjunction with your keypad to alert you in the event someone enters or leaves your home and can even monitor safes and other “NO-NO” rooms or cabinets in your home.


Motion sensors help to detect intruders entering through unprotected windows or doors by sensing movement and can be placed anywhere in the house. Likewise, glass break sensors will automatically sense when a window or glass display has been shattered.

Only $39.95/Month

36-month service plan required. One-time equipment fee of $99 with FREE installation.

Ask our team about the all new GC3, the next generation from 2GIG. Our security systems can be personalized to your needs and every system includes multiple-point entry sensors, motion detectors, and an easy-to-use mobile app to keep your family safe - wherever you are.

*See our Terms & Conditions of service for more detail.

What is the Johns Brothers Security Difference?

"We believe everyone has the right to protect their homes and families at a fair price without having to settle for substandard customer service."
-Woody Parsons, Vice President & General Manager

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