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Access Control System

Whether you have one location or multiple stores, know who’s at your business 24/7. Connect to your business through one app, allowing you to remotely manage all points of entry by locking and unlocking doors, assigning user codes, monitoring daily activity, and more. That is the beauty of an access control system.

User Management

The ultimate in intrusion prevention, easily add or delete employees from a single app. Scan new badges into your access control system and assign new PIN codes and card readers for door entry systems.

Automated Locking

Forget to lock the door before leaving? Create keyless entry by setting rules in your mobile app so your locks automatically lock and unlock at the same time your business opens or closes each day. Prevent access to sensitive rooms and even receive alerts if these rooms are accessed.

Smarter Business Management

Control all aspects of your smart business security system. Connect to one seamless app your security system, smart locks, recorded and live HD video monitoring, and more. Remove worries and be notified with an alert if a door is left open or someone enters a restricted access area. Even set-up notifications to confirm critical business moments, such as the business opening on-time.