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Existing Customer Upgrades

Upgrades Designed With You In Mind.

If you plan to switch phone companies or you already have, this upgrade is for you. Local phone service providers are switching to all digital service, yet many security systems are designed to operate on an analog copper connection. During this switch, ensure your system has a dedicated connection. Contact the ones who care today and see if you’re eligible for an upgrade.

“Go Wireless” Upgrade Offer.

We’ve partnered with Alarm.com to provide our customers a secure, dedicated wireless connection. Alarm.com is the leader in interactive smart home security. Qualified customers will receive a free wireless 4G LTE module when you agree to upgrade to our Wireless Signal Forwarding Plan or Interactive Service Plan.

Many of our customers have great systems that just aren’t compatible with today’s technology. If you are one of these customers, we have great news. We will upgrade your master control panel and one (1) keypad as part of the “Go Wireless” Upgrade Offer.

View our Terms & Conditions for more details.

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