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Smart Property Management

Redefine how your property manager, residents, and rental properties interact with one another. Create a connected apartment solution increasing net operating income, convenience, and responsiveness.

Achieve with Enterprise Property Management

Streamline Operations

Keyless access increases the efficiency of routine staff and vendor tasks while removing the hassle of picking up and dropping off keys. Receive system status notifications of your property each time someone comes and goes.

Drive Guest Satisfaction

Home security and automation drives engaged residents. Tenants engage using a single, mobile app to manage home automation, and to keep an eye over their home while away.

Protect Property Assets

Give owners peace of mind knowing their property is protected from intrusion with professional 24/7 monitoring. Prevent unexpected, expensive repairs. Sensors notify you if there are water leaks or one of the complex’s HVAC systems are failing.

What Includes In Smart Apartment Technology Packages

Keyless Living

Remote access makes staff and vendor access a breeze. Reduce the need to have a leasing agent on-site to show an unoccupied unit by providing interested potential renters with a temporary access code to the unit for a self-showing. Know when the individual has entered and left the unit.

Save Time & Money

Save money in vacant apartments and extend the life of HVAC units with smart thermostats, eliminate re-keying costs with smart locks, reduce insurance premiums with water monitoring management.

Enterprise Management

View 10s or 100s of systems simultaneously through a single dashboard. Easily identify units with outstanding maintenance trouble conditions. Boost energy savings by managing every thermostat across the building from a singular entry point.

Proactive Maintenance Notifications

Sensors and devices notify you if there are water leaks or one of the complex's HVAC systems is failing.

Resident Engagement

Home security and automation drive engaged residents, leading to longer tenant stays. Tenants engage using a single, mobile app to manage home automation, and to keep a watchful eye over their home while away.

Streamlined Operations & Workflows

Keyless entry simplifies work orders and turnovers while empowering unattended showings. Smart home automation features drives user engagement increasing the average tenant stay. Prevent intrusion and secure properties with 24/7 monitored security, access control, and video.

Property Management + Smarter Security

Data Integrity and Security

Our systems are cellular-based so you never have to worry if your system will go down. Critical system communications will continue to operate even if the WIFI is down. Encryption of all system communications ensures property manager and guest data is protection and secure.

Property Automation Built for Property Managers

Finally, a security-based technology and automation solution tailored to the rental home industry and property managers. We understand the concerns property managers have. Remove pain points and streamline operations while improving net operating income through occupancy.