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Entry for Rental

Gain real-time control of your vacation rental
properties while delivering your guests the
convenience of keyless access.

What Keyless Entry Can Do For You

Eliminate Key Management

Automate access points at your property. Set up temporary codes for cleaning, inspection, and maintenance teams to enter and leave without needing physical keys.

24/7 Awareness

Receive a notification when someone comes and goes from each property. Know how long they were there – even if you’re offsite.

Direct-to-Home Check-In & Check-Out

Our system intelligently knows when all cleaning and maintenance work has been completed. You and your guest are notified when the house is ready and provided an access code valid only during their stay.

Increased Safety

Keyless locks reduce the risk of lost, stolen, or duplicated keys.

Unlock Smarter Property Management

With keyless entry smart locks, it’s easy. Physical keys are easy to misplace, copy, or get stolen and can make guest, staff, and vendor access difficult. Maybe it’s time that you’ve lost yours. Are you ready to remove the hassle that comes with managing physical keys?
Powered by PointCentral and designed for property management companies, our Smart Vacation Rental Management solution is built to deliver benefits that translates into real savings through keyless entry, energy management, water monitoring, asset protection, and intrusion monitoring – all on one platform.
Your local smart enterprise property management expert across Virginia and Northeast North Carolina, our team stands ready to help you gain control of your vacation rental properties.